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Have You Guys Heard Nightcall By Kavinsky? Pretty Sick Song

You guys, you up? Sorry it’s so late, but I had to tell you something. I just discovered this artist that is gonna blow up soon — everyone is gonna wanna have a piece of this guy’s killer ass sound. No, I don’t mean farts, Kelly, haha you’re twisted. I mean his shit is murder-music. No, Kelly, not the sound of him droppin’ a deuce! Come on, dude! But really, his music reminds me of what tasting electricity would sound like, if that makes sense, I’m not too good at metaphors. Anyways, the guy’s name is Kavinsky and his nastiest song (that I’ve found so far) is called Nightcall. And before you say anything Kelly, the title isn’t code for takin’ a midnight poo.

this guy is nuts

Don’t hang up! Guys! I swear I would drive to Monterey just to show you this track if the Previa could only handle the hills. But seriously, I told you, this dude is fire. Yeah, I’m not even sure what his style is, it’s like he’s impervious to labels or something I don’t know haha. Yeah, I know his handle sounds like the name of some wack-ass ancient composer that no one but our grammas listen to, like Beethoven, but he is solid. The stuff he is producing is sickening. You have to believe.

Last Saturday I had Lauren over to watch movies in my dad’s house theater, and I finally helped her get over her fear of the darkness, which was tight. After we had watched every Fast & Furious movie in a row, I decided to put on another car movie I hadn’t heard about, called Drive. And like right away, boom, this song comes up. It was wild. I wish you guys were there. So we could’ve experienced it together.

Look, whatever, I know it’s not for everyone. But for real, this song is pretty important to me, for a lot of reasons, it’s hard to explain. I wish you guys could just see the song from my perspective. I shoulda known you guys wouldn’t get it. You all really need to grow up and get new experiences and broaden your world perspective. For whatever reason, there’s something about it. Boy, this song speaks to me.

You guys would be on my level if you had studied abroad with me in Spain for a semester, but you’re still the same.

I’m hanging up now.

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